Shooting the Shooters

I am technologically obsessed, culturally relevant and sure do love some good, classic literature.  But I relish in Midwestern culture, redneck, rural or otherwise.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take pictures of trap shooting for a few different stories in the Smithville Herald. For those of you who don't know, trap shooting is a sport where you shoot moving targets that are projected up into the air. There can be multiple targets, and these targets are usually clay pigeons — orange clay discs.

My assignment was to take pictures of a few local men who will be going to a national trap shooting contest in a few months. I ventured up to Smithville's KCTA range, which is located on Smithville Lake. I couldn't have asked for a better set-up — the range was on a hill, it overlooked the lake and it was around 7:30 and the sun was low. WIN WIN WIN.

I met some really great people up at the range. I used to be really nervous around guns, but after covering the Missouri Militia and dating my army-obsessed ROTC boyfriend Tyler for two years, I've gotten used to it. So being around these guys with their shot guns wasn't so bad, even though it was super loud (note to self: bring earplugs next time!).

The men I worked with were so nice, especially the exceptionally ornery Norm Provow. Provow is an older man who knew basically everyone up at KCTA. And Provow may be old, but he's still a flirt! He was incredibly flattered that I spent so much time photographing him — he made sure that I was safe when taking pictures ahead of him instead of just behind him and was just really happy to have me there. Provow even offered me a beer — something I really wanted, because it was so friggin hot out. But besides the ethics that I'm not supposed to accept food from sources, I'm not even 21!

I'm really getting into the rural hobbies lately, like rodeos and demolition derbies. I'm going to have to find my next sport soon — let me know if you have suggestions!

Photographs copyright © Katie Currid and may not be reproduce or distributed without permission.