A Hometown Carnival

Well, I'm back home in Lawson, Missouri for the summer. And boy, is it hopping in this town.

OK, so that was sarcasm. In case you've never heard of Lawson, it is made up of 2,000, is 45 minutes from Kansas City, features a small state park called Watkins Mill and is completely centered around its high school, particularly high school sports, and especially football. I really enjoyed going to high school here — the school district is fantastic. But, as a blossoming 20-something college student, the town just doesn't interest me these days. Sorry, three restaurants, 4 gas stations and a barely-there grocery store for entertainment just won't cut it for me for now.

Lawson did have it's annual picnic last weekend, however. Now, I have started my internship at The Sun News in Kansas City's northland — The Sun News has papers in Kearney, Smithville and Liberty. However, because all three papers are weeklies, nothing has been published yet (I've only been here for a week). So, I'm just waiting for everything to be published so I can post pictures!

This blog post is about as boring as it gets, but I mostly just wanted to share some fun, no-pressure images on my blog. Anyway, enjoy! I'll have a 4th of July post up soon (those pictures have been published) and will be back Wednesday and Thursday with what's been going on in the past week.

Photographs are copyright © Katie Currid, 2010, and may not be distributed or reproduced without permission.