Dogs with Blogs

This last year at The Maneater, I tried to revive the cute beat that former photo editor Chris Dunn was so obsessed with. What does the cute beat involve? Puppies and babies, of course. I also find old people adorable, so they were definitely a part of the mix. This last week, though, I got to revive the cute beat with a story I wrote for Vox Magazine about dog blogger — yes, puppies!

Dog blogging has been popular for about 5 years, but this is the first I had ever heard of it. Dog owners take to the web with details about their dogs day, but in the voice of their dog. Bloggers use their dog's distinct personality to write about things dogs care about, whether it's eating, sleeping and playing, or more interesting things like hatred of fireworks and vacuum cleaners.

I interviewed Greg Lee from Melbourne, Australia via Skype about the dog blogging phenomena. Lee has a blog aggregate of other dog blogs called Dogs With Blogs. It was really great interviewing Greg, not only because he's super nice and has some great dogs, but also because I had never interviewed someone via Skype or from Australia before.

Greg's story was also touching because the dog he originally started blogging with died last year. It was heartbreaking to read the blog post about Charlie's death and hear Greg talk about it — there's almost nothing more upsetting than the death of a dog, whether it's your's or not. I still cry during Air Bud....

I also met with Jena Fuller who has five Siberian Husky dogs, all of whom she blogs about. Turbo is her main dog — she's gone so far with his blog that he's campaigned for president. Each of her dogs definitely has a different voice, because all dogs have different personalities.

It was great meet the dogs and really, just being around dogs. I always miss animals while I'm at college because they're in such short supply — none of my friends, or myself, can have animals in our apartments. I definitely relished in having 5 dogs around while I was there and enjoyed every minute of it. My story is published on Vox's website, and I also collaborated with Ali Straka on a multimedia piece.

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