My Best Friend's Wedding

Summer is here and that means the weddings are too. Although everyone is getting married around me, a very special person in my life got married last weekend — my best friend from high school, Samantha Goode, and her long-time boyfriend and Westpoint graduate, JD Moore.

Although I would've loved to photograph Sam and JD's wedding, I was, not-so unfortunately, in it. Samantha made her sister Stephanie, her cousin Shelby, her other best friend Jessica and me bridesmaids! We wore adorable watermelon-colored dresses and had Gerber daises for our bouquets.

Of course, we were not as beautiful as the bride! And Samantha may have slapped a wedding together in four months, but there's no way anyone could have known — everything was planned and decorated, from the pews to the guestbook, down to the gift table at the reception.

Because JD is now a second lieutenant in the army (he branched armor), the wedding had some military traditions in it. Some of the groomsmen were Westpoint graduates, and there was also a 6-man saber arch, which is my favorite military wedding tradition. The bride and groom walk through the saber arch at the end of the wedding, but before they can get through it, the last two saber bearers cross their swords and tell the newly married couple that they cannot pass without a kiss. The new couple kisses, and typically, one of the saber bearers smacks the butt of the bride with his sword. This took some practicing during rehearsal, but it was perfectly executed at the wedding.

The reception was also very fun. The 8 Westpoint boys who were there acted as if they hadn't had a drop of liquor or seen a cute girl in months (they hadn't). We danced and drank and just had an excellent time. I tried to snap some pictures of the more Sam-esque moments, such as her signing Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A., and when Jessica, Stephanie and I had to help her go to the bathroom in her bridal gown.

Now Sam and JD are off to Fort Knox in Kentucky in a month for JD to train for his new officer position. After that, they will be headed to Fort Carson in Colorado (near Colorado Springs). Sam's a new army wife, and I will miss her so very much. I've known her and JD as a couple almost as long as I've been friends with her, however, so I know they will have a beautiful and happy life together. I can only wish them the best!

Photographs are copyright © Katie Currid, 2010, and may not be distributed or reproduced without permission.