Feed the Animals

Girl Talk came to Columbia last week to kick off finals week and celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way. Girl talk

Girl Talk, a pseudonym for Gregg Gillis, mashes up popular music, old and new, making it perfect for dancing. He is increasingly popular among college crowds, which is probably why the show sold out in good ol' CoMo. The Department of Student Activities brought GT after the infamous DJ Pauly D had to cancel his performance at The Blue Note in lieu of an extra round of taping for Jersey Shore.

Although seeing DJ Pauly D and dressing up for his performance, Bump-It and all, would have been fun, Girl Talk was great. Everyone 'bro-ed' out for the concert, dressing in obnoxious hipster outfits and 80's-esque athletic wear. It was a great way to wrap up the end of the semester and I made some fun images!

I didn't photograph this for any particular reason other than for funzies, but my friend Grant Hindsley got the opportunity to photograph it for The Maneater and even got on stage!