The King of Blues

I have a very eclectic taste in music.

From indie artists such as The Arcade Fire and Rilo Kiley to pop artists such as Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas, classic rock such as Led Zeppelin and Tom Petty and hip hop arists like

Daddy Yankee and Rick Ross, I like just about every genre under the sun. I don’t just like “everything,” however – I am very, very picky about my music. The type of music I listen to depends on my mood and how good I think it is in relation to other artists within the same genre.

Although I typically lean towards more alternative bands, I find myself constantly reverting back to the kings of music – Bob Dylan for folk music, Nirvana for grunge, and B.B. King for blues.

I saw B.B. King in Jesse Auditorium in Columbia on Wednesday. This concert experience was a concert long-awaited, however – B.B. King and I do not have a great track record when it comes to concerts.

A month ago, I won tickets from The Riverfront Times, an arts rag out of St. Louis, to see B.B. King. I was initially incredibly excited, but soon realized that I had to work the same night of the concert, which was in St. Louis, two hours away from Columbia. I decided I would give the tickets, which were VIP tickets, to my boyfriend. He is a huge B.B. King fan and he could go with a friend. Due to a lack of communication within his ROTC

battalion, however, Tyler was not able to go to the concert and gave the tickets to two appreciative friends of his, who spent the night drinking champagne and eating free food in the VIP room and watching B.B. King. Sigh.

So, to make up for our missed B.B. King experience, I looked at B.B. King’s tour schedule and found that he was coming to Columbia a month later. I immediately bought tickets for the show and gave them to Tyler for his birthday. I also took it upon myself to get press credentials for the show so I could shoot the first few songs, just in case Tyler wanted to bring someone else for his birthday.

However, as the night of the concert approached, Tyler started coming down with something. On Wednesday, he was dog sick, coughing up blood and running a high fever. I resigned to the fact that we might never get to see King –- that there was a B.B. King curse.

Tyler pushed through his sickness, however, reserving to the idea that maybe the sounds of this legend would magically cure him.

Although B.B. King did not play very long (c’mon, the man is 84-years old), he talked at great length and it was incredibly enjoyable just to listen to him speak. We had a great time, and sure enough, Tyler felt much better the next day, thanks to the apparent healing powers of B.B. King's voice. If you haven't seen B.B. King perform, I highly recommend this enlightening experience -- and you better do it soon, because who knows how much longer he'll be around.