Tap Day

I’ve always had a secret desire: to be tapped by a secret society.

However, the reality is that this will probably never happen. Honestly, I don’t do enough community service and am not involved in many facets of the university – only journalism. Although I spend hours and hours at the journalism school and the paper, the work I do is not as awesome as those who were tapped by Missouri’s secret societies Friday in Jesse Hall.

I covered MU’s tap day, firstly because it’s so visually appealing, secondly because none of my photographers wanted to pick it up for The Maneater, and thirdly because I wanted to live vicariously through those who were tapped. I knew quite a few inductees, such as my former suitemate and Sustain Mizzou president Tina Casagrand and Invisible Children president Becky Dale. I was so proud of these girls and all the other students who were tapped!

Although the lighting was awful and the room was hot, watching the ceremony was so interesting. I couldn’t imagine walking blindly with a hood over my head, being lead by others and relying solely on them to get me up the stairs and onto the stage. It was great to see proud family members and friends snapping pictures with their point-and-shoots and cheering for those who were unveiled.