A Whirlwind Weekend

Wow. What a weekend.

True/False Film Fest

The True/False Film Fest came to town this weekend. Although it's Columbia, Mo., True/False is a huge event for filmmakers, large and small, documentary or fiction, foreign or domestic. The festival, which lasts from Thursday to Sunday, brings directors from around the world to little ol' Columbia to speak about their films, other's films and films not even showing over the weekend. There's also a lot of indie music, tons of people, good food and tons of hipsters. It's a great time.

The Maneater/MOVE staff live blogged the entire event. I don't believe that our publication has ever live blogged for an entire weekend, and it was a lot of work, but man, was it fun! With the help of my photographers Sarah Hoffman and Grant Hindsley, as well as editors Josh Barone, Theresa Berens, Andrea Kszystyniak and Amanda Bromwich, we put out four pages of pictures, blogs and previews. It was a lot of work, but well worth it.

True/False Film Fest, Brody Douglas Hunt

Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center

Before I could even get out to True/False, however, there was big campus news. On Friday, someone littered the lawn of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center with cotton balls. The act of vandalism was considered to be a hate crime by some, although the perpetrator has not yet been identified as white or black. Patrons at the Black Culture Center were incredibly upset; I hung out in front of the building for about two hours, speaking to passerby and people from the Black Culture Center about the incident, gearing their opinions about it. Some people didn't even realize the act was symbolic; some didn't care; some were outraged. Today, there will be a town hall meeting at the BCC regarding the vandalism. Racism has been a problem at MU for a long time, from a huge segregation court case involving the admittance of Lloyd Gaines to the university in the 30's, lasting until now. I am interested to see the discussions that arise from the situation and hope it brings more people to become aware about racism on campus.

I also decided to shoot lacrosse this weekend. Wow, what an interesting sport. A mix of soccer and hockey, lacrosse is intense, violent, and hard to photograph. It was mainly difficult because I could not find the ball for the life of me. So far, I have mostly photographed sports where the ball is the main focus of the sport: football, basketball, softball, etc. However, the ball in lacrosse is so small and hard to find, and is especially hard to see in pictures if a player is carrying it. I tried to focus on finding the ball most of the game, but then got really into the fighting aspect of it, and enjoyed that much more, making some better pictures.

This weekend has been long, but fruitful. I am looking forward to a more relaxing week, but will blog more next weekend after the long-awaited Kansas game at home and another day with One Shepherd.