My Nikon Virginity

Annie Currid, Lawson High School Basketball I'll admit it. I'm a Canon girl through and through. My first point-and-shoot I received for my eighth grade graduation was a Canon - you know, the first ones with 1 inch LCD screens that weighed 3 pounds? I also worked for Best Buy for around two years and typically recommended their products over Nikon's because I found them to fit my customer's needs more often.

Brooklyn Bright, Kayla Glenn, Lawson High School basketball

At the School of Journalism at MU, however, most of the equipment students can check out is Nikon. Nikon sponsors a lot of the contests the school puts on, like College Photographer of the Year, and therefore, we get a lot of products from them. Being a Canon girl, I have a limited assortment of Canon bodies and lenses to pick from, such as the 1D Mark II N whose battery died so quickly during the OSU game.

Beacuse I didn't want to be restricted to what I can do because of the equipment I have access to, I decided it was time. I needed to learn how to use Nikon.

When I went to the equipment locker, I hadn't thought about what kind of body I wanted; I just knew I wanted Nikon. I talked to the assistant at the window, senior Chris Dunn, who used Nikon for the first time simultaneously with Canon during a football game this year, and asked her opinion on what I should use to break my Nikon virginity. The consensus? Go big. I got the D3.

Kayla Glenn, Lawson High School basketball

The D3 confusing as hell. Although I was fine on adjusting simple things like shutter speed and f/stop, it took me a while to adjust the autofocus and metering. Once I figured out what most things in the menu meant, I was fine, however. I wasn't a fan of the autofocus points, but the camera was wonderfully fast. I had one of my photographers who shoots with Nikon, Grant Hindsley, walk me through some of the menu to set it for what I was planning on shooting that night: high school basketball.

Jaaron Kassanavoid, Lawson High School basketball

The game went really well. I tried to shoot on the 14-24 f/2.8 fish-eye I borrowed at first, but realized that women's high school basketball didn't have as much action under the net. I decided to sit in the stands with my other alumni friends and used the good ol' 70-200 f/2.8. Women's high school basketball is scrappy and the 70-200 proved to be a better choice for when the girls fought over the ball mid-court, which happened often. Because there was so much fighting over the ball and so many foul shots, there were about three injuries that night, one which left a girl on the bench for the rest of the night.

Normally it would be a conflict of interest, but since I was just shooting for fun, I concentrated on getting shots of my sister, who is the captain of the basketball team. Although she didnt' play much, I still thought she did awesome. The game was close, but my hometown, Lawson, lost. Hamilton won after a last second foul shot, 51-49.

Annie Currid, Lawson High School basketball

I had fun shooting in the same court that I had taken pictures in just two years ago when I was working with my high school yearbook. It took me awhile to remember my favorite spots to shoot, but once I did I had so much fun not being restricted to sitting in one spot under the net for the entire game. I am increasingly pleased with shooting sports, and am even beginning to enjoy it more. However, I do have a few assignments for The Maneater this week that are not sports photography, which is refreshing since I've been shooting it so much.