The Border War Continues

There is almost nothing worse than a Kansas fan.

Unless you count a Kansas victory.

You see, Missouri hates Kansas. Kansas hates Missouri. It's a long story, but it goes all the way back to the Civil War and we've just all disliked each other ever since. When these two teams play each other, it gets ugly and bragging rights will be taken full advantage of. Missouri usually fares pretty well when it comes to football (their records are close to even), but since KU invented basketball and all, we struggle when it comes to that sport.

I travelled with a few guys from The Maneater staff (sports editor Sean Leahy, basketball beat writer Evan Glantz and fellow photographer Madison Mack) to Lawrence, Kan. for a Border Wars basketball game on Monday. Entering Allen Field House was like entering a very blue hell. Almost every person in that arena had blue on and I could count the number of Missouri fans on both hands.

The game started fairly balanced, with most baskets being reciprocated by the other team. After approximately 8 minutes into the game, however, Missouri was slowly losing grip on the small point margin and Kansas was getting further and further ahead. By the end of the first half, Missouri was down 40-27.


The second half came and went slowly and painfully. I felt as though the battle had raged on forever, Missouri consistently behind Kansas by around 20 points. We ended up losing 84-65.

And if that weren't bad enough, I didn't feel as though I did very well on the photographic front. I struggled with my white balance temperature (something I'm going to try and read up on this week), my exposure was too dark and, for some reason, I thought 3200 ISO would look decent on a 40D. Though I felt I shot strong moments and followed the game well (something I haven't always been very good at), I threw all of my technical technique out the window and disappointment ensued.

After a couple discussions with other photographers who live and breathe sports photography, I figured out the mistakes I made. To compensate for my mistakes, I am sentencing myself to two basketball games, back-to-back this weekend: women's basketball versus Kansas and men's basketball versus Oklahoma State University. I am going to challenge myself to watch my histogram more intently, continue changing my exposure instead of just staying on a setting that works in the beginning, all while shooting the action as well as I did for Kansas. I'm hoping that I will learn from my mistakes this time and take the lessons I've been learning and apply them so I can have both technically accurate pictures with enticing moments and composition.