I grew up in a small town and am a Midwesterner at heart. I call soda "pop," laugh too loudly and think cookies are the best way to bring people together. I love wearing sundresses, baking my grandmother's recipes and I live for community journalism. 

I've got small town charm at a big city pace. I'm currently available for commercial and editorial work in southern Europe, specifically in Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein and Croatia. I specialize in military issues, lifestyles, food photography and agricultural work. Cupcakes may be included with freelance work. Also, feel free to peruse my resumé for a list of experience and references.

I also run a lifestyles blog, Freckle & Fair, that is so adorable your eyes will pop out. 

Email: katiecurrid at gmail dot com

Phone (Italy): +39 329 609 5142